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Decalogue has moved!
As of April 1, 2014,  Decalogue is located at
134 N LaSalle, Suite 1430, Chicago IL 60602 

Over 100 attorneys and community members turned out October 29 for our special Hate Crimes CLE.

If you missed the event but would like to see the class materials, you can download them here.
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 Register Here for February 26

Registration will open soon for April 15

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Reception Honoring Presiding Judges
Hon. Grace Dickler, Hon. Moshe Jacobius, & Hon. Shelley Sutker-Dermer

Jenner & Block
353 N Clark, Chicago
The Decalogue Society of Lawyers is seeking volunteers
for the 
JUF Legal Service program.  

The JCLS has over 600 requests for legal services; 
to date only about 60 clients have been assigned an attorney. 
 Decalogue has committed to recruit more attorneys as part of our Social Action program 
and to fulfill the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam.

November 13
Judicial Reception
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Avis Smith, a Jewish educator in Maine, is in great need of a kidney transplant. Donating one of your kidneys is an incredible act of Chesed (loving kindness) and piety. It supports the idea that one should "not stand idly by the blood of another human being."  Leviticus 19:16

 The Maine Transplant Program has approved her as a qualified candidate for a transplant. The program has recommended that she find at least four more people willing to be tested as living donors. If you are willing to be considered as a potential donor for Avis, please contact Roxanne Taylor at the Maine Transplant Program and register. Complete information for potential donors can be found at 

For more information about the Jewish medical ethics of becoming a living donor, check out  the Halachic Organ Donor Society,
 Decalogue Society of Lawyers
134 N LaSalle #1430
Chicago IL 60602