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(Table of 10, priority seating, listing on website and at event, full page ad in program book)

(Table of 10, priority seating, listing on website and at event)

(Single ticket, priority seating, listing on website and at event)

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Individual Non-Member Ticket $160

Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian?
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Individual Member Ticket $130
Chicken, Fish or Vegetarian?
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The Decalogue Society of Lawyers is a 501(c)(6) organization. 
Donations are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. 


Annual Meeting Advertising Information

Decalogue is a co-sponsor of The Illinois Chapter of the Association of Attorney Mediators (“AAM”) pro-bono mediation service during the first week in June. Mediation will be available to all parties who agree to mediate, whether the dispute is a case filed in court or one not yet in litigationThis service uniquely makes mediation available for smaller cases in which parties may not otherwise be able to justify or afford the services of a private mediator.

Download the pdf for more information
The Decalogue Society of Lawyers is seeking volunteers
for the 
JUF Legal Service program.  

The JCLS has over 600 requests for legal services; 
to date only about 60 clients have been assigned an attorney. 
 Decalogue has committed to recruit more attorneys as part of our Social Action program 
and to fulfill the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam.

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37th World Zionist Congress


The World Zionist Congress (WZC) meets every five years to discuss issues of vital importance to the global Jewish community, i.e. Jewish identity, peace and security, anti-semitism, civil society in Israel, and the future of the State of Israel. Voting in the upcoming 37th WZC offers a unique opportunity for you to cast your vote to send delegates to the WZC to represent your voice.

Voters must declare that they are Jewish; will be at least 18 years of age by June 30, 2015; permanently reside in the United States, accept the Jerusalem program (text on election website), and did not vote in the last Israeli Knesset election.

Click here to go to the election website 

where you can read about the parties running in the election, register ($10) and vote by April 30.

Avis Smith, a Jewish educator in Maine, is in great need of a kidney transplant. Donating one of your kidneys is an incredible act of Chesed (loving kindness) and piety. It supports the idea that one should "not stand idly by the blood of another human being."  Leviticus 19:16

 The Maine Transplant Program has approved her as a qualified candidate for a transplant. Avis has just received word that her potential living donor does not qualify and has been excluded from the program. We are desperately seeking a living donor. Please spread the word for anyone who might be willing to be tested to contact the Maine Transplant Program and register as a potential donor for Avis. Her blood type is A positive. Thank you. Complete information for potential donors can be found at 

For more information about the Jewish medical ethics of becoming a living donor, check out  the Halachic Organ Donor Society,
 Decalogue Society of Lawyers
134 N LaSalle #1430
Chicago IL 60602