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Welcome to the new website for The Decalogue Society of Lawyers.  For over eighty years, Decalogue has supported Jewish lawyers and the legal community in Chicago and throughout Illinois.  Our improved website provides better tools and information to serve our communities.  We have quite a bit planned so come back often to see all that Decalogue has to offer!

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This morning, Decalogue joined our colleagues from the Arab American Bar Association and the Muslim Bar Association in condemning President Trump’s immigration ban as irrational, discriminatory and unconstitutional, and his disparagement of a federal judge as an attack on the separation of powers. “No one is bigger; no president, nobody, is bigger than the Constitution of the United States,” declared Judge (ret.) William Haddad of the Arab American Bar Association.

Representatives of other bar associations and an array of Muslim and Arab American community and professional organizations also participated.

Statement by Decalogue President Curtis Ross:

I am Curtis Ross, the President of the Decalogue Society of Lawyers.  We are honored to co-sponsor this press conference in support of Civil Rights and the Rule of Law.

Part of the Decalogue Constitution provides that we shall “Maintain Vigilance against Public and private practices which are Anti-Social, Discriminatory, Anti-Semitic or Oppressive and Join with Other Groups and Minorities to Protect legal rights and privileges.” That is exactly what we are all doing here today.

As Jews, we are particularly mindful of U.S. governmental actions taken against particular minorities.  During the 1930s Jews were often rejected for immigration based upon quotas in favor or those from certain countries and also based upon economic hardship issues. Americans in the 1930s were extremely concerned with the Depression and the economic impact of immigrants.  We can see parallels with our most recent Presidential election. At the same time, the United States and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt were concerned that the Nazis were sending spies and saboteurs to the U.S.  Jews were considered more likely to be spies as the Nazis  even though there were no facts to back up this theory. It was not until Secretary of the Treasury Robert Morgenthau, Jr. and his staff pressured President Roosevelt in January of 1944 with proof that the U.S. State Department had delayed even modest measures for rescue and relief, that U.S. policy began to change. 

At times our immigration laws have excluded all Chinese, almost all Japanese, almost all Asians and Africans. It has only been since the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 that all discrimination against immigrants on the basis of national origin that the prior national origin based quota system was abolished under President Lyndon Johnson.

It is only through the Rule of Law that Civil Rights will be enforced.  Lawyers and Courts must stand up to partisan political interests and movements and each group must support the other whenever someone else’s rights are impaired.

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The Decalogue Society of Lawyers was founded in 1934 to promote justice in society and to advance and improve the law, administration of justice and legal profession.
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Member-to-Member Referrals

Did you know that member-to-member referrals are one of the benefits of your Decalogue membership? Here’s our latest success story:

“Former Decalogue President Joel Chupack recently referred a federal criminal investigation to another former Decalogue President, James A. Shapiro, a former federal prosecutor. Pursuant to ethical guidelines, a referral fee was paid. So far, the representation has been very successful, with the avoidance of the client waiving his Fifth and Sixth Amendment rights by speaking to federal agents without counsel.”

(773) 674-HELP (4357)

The Cook County Sheriff’s office has launched a reporting hotline for discrimination and hate crime incidents for anyone who feels they are being threatened or targeted as a result of their religion, race, nationality and/or sexual orientation.

Those who call the 24/7 hotline will receive a direct response to their incidents by Sheriff’s Office staff, who will help connect callers to other agencies, Sheriff’s detectives, or legal assistance if the matter would be best addressed by external resources.

Decalogue was represented at the announcement by 1st Vice President Mitchell Goldberg and Treasurer Jonathan Lubin, pictured below with Sheriff Tom Dart, members of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council on Islamic Affairs, and other community representatives.

View the press conference video

Decalogue seeking volunteers for the JUF Legal Service program

The Decalogue Society of Lawyers is seeking volunteers for the 

JUF Legal Service program.  
The JCLS has over 600 requests for legal services; 
to date only about 60 clients have been assigned an attorney. 

 Decalogue has committed to recruit more attorneys as part of our Social Action program 

and to fulfill the mitzvah of Tikkun Olam.

Insurance Coverage Attorney

Hinshaw & Culbertson LLP seeks associate with 2-3 years of litigation experience, a commitment to exceptional client service, top quality writing skills and strong academic credentials for the Chicago office.

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