Recommendations for the November 3, 2020 General Election

Key: R=Recommended, HR=Highly Recommended, NR=Not Recommended

1st Supreme - Freeman Vacancy
P. Scott Neville, Jr. - R

1st Appellate - Neville, Jr. Vacancy
Michael B. Hyman - HR

1st Appellate - Simon Vacancy
Sharon O. Johnson - R

Cook Circuit- Bellows Vacancy
Tiesha L. Smith - NR

Cook Circuit- Coghlan Vacancy
Kelly Marie McCarthy - HR

Cook Circuit- Ford Vacancy
Laura Ayala-Gonzalez - R

Cook Circuit- Funderburk Vacancy
Celestia L. Mays - R

Cook Circuit- Larsen Vacancy
Levander "Van" Smith, Jr. - R

Cook Circuit- Mason Vacancy
Chris Stacey - R

Cook Circuit- McCarthy Vacancy
Teresa Molina - R

Cook Circuit- Murphy Gorman Vacancy
Sheree Desiree Henry - R

Cook Circuit- O’Brien Vacancy
Elizabeth Anne Walsh - R

Cook Circuit- Patti Vacancy
Lynn Weaver Boyle - HR

Cook Circuit- Roti Vacancy
Lorraine Mary Murphy - R

Cook Circuit- Sheehan, C. Vacancy
Maura McMahon Zeller - R

Cook Circuit- Sheehan, K. Vacancy
Jill Rose Quinn - R

Cook - 1st Subcircuit - Brooks Vacancy

Krista D. Butler - NR

Cook - 1st Subcircuit - Crawford Vacancy
Tyria B. Walton - R

Cook - 2nd Subcircuit - A Vacancy
Sondra Nicole Denmark - R

Cook - 3rd Subcircuit - Filan Vacancy
Daniel Edward Maloney - R

Cook - 3rd Subcircuit - Flynn Vacancy
Regina Ann Mescall - R

Cook - 3rd Subcircuit - Murphy Vacancy
Erin Haggerty Antonietti - R

Cook - 6th Subcircuit - Nega Vacancy
Jamie Guerra Dickler - R

Cook - 6th Subcircuit - Pantle Vacancy

Eileen Marie O'Connor - R
Anthony Lucafo - R
Cory Eli Oshita - R

Cook - 7th Subcircuit - Jackson Vacancy
Pamela Reaves-Harris - R

Cook - 8th Subcircuit - Fleming Vacancy
Jonathan Clark Green - R

Cook - 8th Subcircuit - Gubin Vacancy
Michael A. Forti - R

Cook - 9th Subcircuit - Axelrood Vacancy
Thomas M. Cushing - HR

Cook - 9th Subcircuit - Luckman Vacancy
Julie Bess Aimen - R

Cook - 10th Subcircuit - Allen Vacancy
John G. Mulroe - R

Cook - 10th Subcircuit - McGing Vacancy
Maire Aileen Dempsey - R

Cook - 10th Subcircuit – O’Brien Vacancy
Mary Catherine Marubio - HR

Cook - 12th Subcircuit - Hanlon Vacancy
Patricia M. Fallon - R
Frank R. DiFranco - R

Cook - 13th Subcircuit - Kulys Hoffman Vacancy
Susanne Michele Groebner - R
Gary William Seyring - R

Cook - 14th Subcircuit- Bertucci Vacancy
Gerardo Tristan, Jr. - R

Cook - 14th Subcircuit- Lacy Vacancy
Perla Tirado - NR

Cook - 15th Subcircuit - Griffin Vacancy
Nichole C. Patton - R


Should This Judge Be Retained?

Illinois Appellate Court - 1st District
Aurelia Marie Pucinski - YES
Mary Kay Rochford - YES

Cook County Circuit Court

John Allegretti - YES
Mauricio Araujo - NO
Edward A. Arce - YES
Margaret Ann Brennan - YES
Janet Adams Brosnahan - YES
Andrea M. Buford - YES
Thomas J. Byrne - YES
Thomas J. Carroll - YES
Cynthia Y. Cobbs - YES
Mary Ellen Coghlan - YES
Ann Collins-Dole - YES
Donna Lynn Cooper - YES
Patrick Kevin Coughlin - YES
John Curry - YES
Anna Helen Demacopoulos - YES
Peter A. Felice - YES
James Patrick Flannery Jr. - YES
Megan Elizabeth Goldish - YES
Robert E. Gordon - YES
Anjana Hansen - YES
Michael B. Hyman - YES
Kerry M. Kennedy - YES
Diana L. Kenworthy - YES
Daniel J. Kubasiak - YES
Robert D. Kuzas - YES
Anthony C. "Tony" Kyriakopoulos - YES
Chris Lawler - YES
Casandra Lewis - YES
Pamela Elizabeth Loza - YES
John J. Mahoney - YES
Maritza Martinez - YES
Terrence J. McGuire - YES
Pamela McLean Meyerson - YES
Bridget Anne Mitchell - YES
Caroline Kate Moreland - YES
Lewis Nixon - YES
James N. O'Hara - YES
James Paul Pieczonka - YES
Jackie Marie Portman-Brown - NO
Joan E. Powell - YES
William B. Raines - YES
Judith Rice - YES
Kristal Rivers - YES
Abbey Fishman Romanek - YES
Diana Rosario - YES
Dominique C. Ross - YES
Kristyna Colleen Ryan - YES
Patricia O'Brien Sheahan - YES
Patrick J. Sherlock - YES
Laura Marie Sullivan - YES
Shelly Lynn Sutker-Dermer - YES
Michael P. Toomin - YES
Raul Vega - YES
Kenneth J. Wadas - YES
Debra B. Walker - YES
Ursula Walowski - YES
Maureen Ward Kirby - YES
Steven G. Watkins - YES
Gregory J. Wojkowski - YES