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Inside: 3 President’s Column
4   Friendly Contempt
5   2023 Third Seder
6   Contractor vs. Employee
8   The Protect Illinois Communities Act
10 The Rules We Weed By
12 Happy Birthday Title IX
14 2023 Judicial Reception Sponsors
16 Transgender Health Care
19 Diversity Doesn’t Always Include Jews
     Trip to India
20 Separation of Church and State
21 Violations of the Automatic Stay
22 Challenging Administrative Review
23 Pulling Up the Weeds of Antisemitism
     Upcoming CLEs
24 Mishpat Ivri
26 Tax Forfeitures
27 Judicial Reception Photos
      89th Annual Dinner - Save the Date
28 Chai-Lites
29 New and Sustaining Members
30 Vanguard Awards
     Salute to Veterans in the Legal Profession

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