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  4 President’s Column
  6 The Judge’s Side of the Bench: The Value of a
     Narrative Response
  7 Pesach Mitzvah Project
  8 Settling Cases by Consent Judgment
  9 Mental Health and Criminal Justice
10 The SAFE-T Act
12 Incivility in the Legal Profession
14 Section 303 of the Bankruptcy Code
15 Alex Jones and Non-Dischargeable Debt
16 Sam Bankman-Fried Trial
19 Hate Speech and the First Amendment
24 Jewish Students on College Campuses
29 CBA YLS Diversity Week
30 Cognitive Biases
32 Israel’s Judicial Reform: Part II
34 Navigating Trauma
35 Veterans Event
36 October 7 - Personal Perspectives
41 Decalogue Model Seder
42 International Women’s Day
     Decalogue Womxn’s Book Club
43 Book Review: When Justice Sleeps
     Vanguard Awards
44 Abortion Rights and Judaism
46 Chai-Lites
47 In Memoriam: Ralph Ruebner
48 New and Sustaining Members


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